The Music

Copies of the Madison For World Health CD, nominated for a Madison Area Music Award, are available for purchase now! This makes a great addition to your collection of music or a great holiday gift.

CD's can also be purchased in Madison-area stores including Steep-N-Brew (State St. and Odana Rd.), Exclusive Company, Prairie Café, Africana, Willie St. Coop, UNO’s, Mad-City Music Exchange, Calabasas, and more.

The Performers

Mark Croft

Known for his unforgettable melodies, infectious grooves, and frantic acoustic guitar riffs, Mark Croft breaks the genre barriers to create a mainstream sound from the heart of a folk musician. * "Best New Artist" and "Best Male Vocalist" at the 2006 Madison Area Music Awards, * Isthmus Reader’s Poll- voted Madison’s Favorite Singer/Songwriter- 2007, * "Pop Artist" and "Pop Album of the Year" at the 2008 Madison Area Music Awards.

Break My Heart performed by Mark Croft, Produced by Mark Croft & Mike Zirkel at SMART Studios. Words and Music by Mark Croft © 2008 Mere Poet Music Publishing, ASCAP. Slothtrop Record Company.

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Beth Kille

Beth Kille has been composing and performing rock/pop/folk songs since 2000 and is the lead singer/guitarist and principle songwriter for the highly decorated Madison, Wisconsin band Clear Blue Betty. Clear Blue Betty won Madison Area Music Awards for Best Rock Album in 2005 and 2007 and earned the 2006 MAMA for Best Female Vocalist.

Angel of Reprieve performed by Beth Kille with Julia McConahay-fiddle; Tony Kille-drums, Jake Johnson-keys, Produced by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions. Words and Music by Beth Kille © 2008 Thanatopsis Music Publishing, ASCAP.

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Rob Dz

Rob Dz received 2 MAMA's for best Hip Hop/R&B Album (Soul Anthems) & best Hip Hop/R&B song, has appeared on the Urban Theater, and is a hard-working Madison songwriter.

Alright performed by Rob Dz, Produced by Rob Dz and Brian Daly at DNA Studios. Words and Music by Rob Dz © 2008 KBD Entertainment Group, ASCAP. KBD Entertainment Group.

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Marques Bovre & SoDangYang

Simply put, Marques Bovre’s songwriting is a long standing favorite in these parts.

Dry Bones performed by Marques Bovre and SoDangYang, Produced by Brian Daley at DNA Studios. Personnel on the recorded performance and in the live performance on December 6 are as follows: Ken Stevenson on bass; Ethan Noordyk on drums; Jim Schwall on guitar and accordian; and Maggie Weiser on acoustic guitar and background vocals. Words and Music by Marques Bovre © 2008. Pinata Platters Record Company.

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Eric Hester

Eric Hester is a multi-award winning composer, producer and songwriter who can put a smile on anyone in his path. His music and warm stage presence creates instant community, while his soulful, earthy voice complements a charged, poignant and beautifully sick mind for songwriting.

Johannesburg performed by Eric Hester, Produced by Eric Hester and Mike Zirkel at SMART Studios. Words and Music by Eric Hester & Dan Kennedy © 2008 Slothtrop Records, ASCAP/ Lost Mohawk Music Publishing, ASCAP. Slothtrop Music.

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Rachelle and The Red Hot Rattlers

A regularly touring country-band in the 90’s, Rachelle and The Red Hot Rattlers focus on tight instrumentals and layered, full harmonies to deliver a powerful, melodic sound to their audiences. Former state champions at the Hodag, they are multi- Q106 award winners and have opened up for many national country acts. You can now find them making their comeback at many venues in Southern Wisconsin, including the Taste of Madison, 2008. The band consists of Rachelle Fiskey on vocals, Steve Gundlach on bass & acoustic guitar, mandolin, & vocals, Ron Grandberg on drums, Dave Ahrens on lead guitar, Lisa B on vocals, and Al Heidemann on keyboards and accordion.

Walk With You performed by Rachelle and the Red Hot Rattlers, Recorded at Studio 106, Mixed by Craig Michaels. Words and Music by Rachelle and the Red Hot Rattlers © 2008.

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Paul Stiegler

Paul Stiegler brings together his heartfelt songwriting with over 30 years of medical service as an Emergency Room Doctor in Madison. His medical mission experiences in Zululand, South Africa and Arusha, and Tanzania helped him to write Docotella.

Docotela performed by Lifutso Ranthimo-Lebaka- lead vocal, Tim Gruber- drum & flute, and Paul Stiegler- guitar and back vocals, Produced by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions. Words and Music by Paul Stiegler © 2008 Paul Stiegler.

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Leo Sidran

Leo Sidran is a multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer. His first instrument was the drums and his first teacher was (Madison's own) legendary funk drummer Clyde Stubblefield. After writing four songs for the Steve Miller band, Rolling Stone magazine singled out Leo's work, saying he showed "a real flair for penning Pop tunes." In 2004, Leo produced the Academy Award winning song "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" for the film "The Motorcycle Diaries"

Make It Better performed by Leo Sidran with the Madison New York Allstars (featuring Leo Sidran: drums, bass, Wurlitzer, piano, vocals, Joy Dragland: backing vocals, Kyle Sanna: acoustic and electric guitar, Jeremy Thal: french horn, Marla Hansen: viola, Nic Cowles: flute, Amanda Champagne: shaker and tambourine), Recorded and Mixed by Hector Coulon at UML / Amber Studios NYC. Words and Music by Leo Sidran © 2008 Bulldog Music, ASCAP.

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Runside Down

Runside Down is a hard touring funk/fusion trio featuring the keyboards of Joe Burbach, Dan Plourde on the bass, and Jon Reed on the drum kit. They were featured on The Urban Theater television show in November 30, 2007.

Hearing Your Heart performed by Runside Down with Sajdat Johnson, Produced by Jack Letour at Elabs Studio. Words and Music by Len Mormino & Dan Plourde © 2008 ASCAP.

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Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy

Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy stay busy creating music that ranges from folky acoustic to quirky indie. It’s panoptic pop, and it goes well with both tea and scotch.

Giant Step performed by Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy, Produced by Amy Curl, Dan Kennedy, and Eric Hester at SMART Studios. Words and Music by Dan Kennedy & Amy Curl © 2008 Lost Mohawk Music Publishing, ASCAP/ Jaunty Angle Music Publishing, ASCAP. Slothtrop Record Company.

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Jim Schwall

Jim Schwall is a life-long singer/songwriter and performer on a variety of instruments who somehow is best known for playing amplified guitar in a long-defunct blues band. Billboard Magazine calls him "one of the best acts in America", while The Boston Globe describes him as "undoubtedly the best electric guitarist in the country."

Get Off The Couch performed by Jim Schwall, Produced by Jim Schwall at Paradyme Productions. Words and Music by Jim Schwall © 2008 Conundrum InterArts, BMI.

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Atimevu is Djam Vivie, Emmanuel Eku, Abukari Mohammed, Nani Agbeli, Nicky Sund, and Tim Gruber. Atimevu plays traditional music from Ghana. Their music features energetic drumming, songs, xylophone and flute. Eku is a master drummer and former member of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, the national performing arts group of Ghana. Mohammed was a dancer with the Ghana Dance Ensemble.

Amadou performed by Atimevu, Recorded at Doghouse Studios, First Mastering at Paradyme Productions.

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Tierney Chamberlain

Tierney Chamberlain

Tierney is a finalist on the show 'High School Musical - Get in the Picture' on ABC. She is a senior at West High School and participates in choir and drill team. Performing publicly since the age of 9, she has been cast in local musical, dance and theater productions including the Nutcracker with the Madison Ballet, Four Seasons Theater, Middleton Players, and Ebony Expressions.

Len Mormino

Most often, Len Mormino writes for other performing artists or TV/Film/Commercial/Special projects. His music has had top placement in the Indie Artist Alliance III, IKEA Summer Challenge, & Midwest Song Contests, and has been heard on multiple compilation CD projects, Clear Blue Betty's "Write Your Name in the Sky", and Madison's WORT radio station.

Make A Wish Real performed by Tierney Chamberlain, Len Mormino, Curtis Marolt, Monica Davidson, Sheila Leichtenberg, & The Fountain of Life Gospel Choir, Produced by Curtis Marolt at Phatcave Productions and Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions. Words and Music by Len Mormino © 2008 Vission Enterprises, ASCAP.

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